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Ampersand Grey
Female Entrepreneur Brand Photography by Canadian Photographer Ampersand Grey
Ampersand Grey Photography
Canadian Brand Photographer Michel Fiest of Ampersand Grey


How's it going out there friend? 


Chances are, you’ve probably clicked through many templates on Canva, looking for that perfect image to work for social media or for your website, only to find yourself feeling a tad frustrated. Or worse yet, you have a gallery of photos of yourself that you don’t really looooove…. Something big is missing, it lacks that zip. You don’t want your branding photography to look like everyone else’s, because you aren’t everyone else. You have big ideas.


You need a photographer who gets you: a partner and branding expert who has done the work with you–behind the scenes–and is now ready to capture your team in their zone, making authentic images of how you work every day. You need that event you planned captured with emotion. You desire a beautiful headshot of yourself that looks like you feel on your best day. Maybe you’re looking for someone to create a dazzling marketing campaign for you right before your eyes. Ya? Cool. I’m glad you’re here. 


I see the world differently which means my work isn’t cookie-cutter. I get to know you, your perspective and your goals so the images we create together are the ones you could only dream of.

hi! i'm michel.

I’m a storyteller. A connection seeker. I want to hear what you care about so we can tell your story together.

As a creative director, graphic designer, and brand photographer, I am a triple threat. I come to your session from all angles. I know how to make photos that showcase your organization or brand and its purpose throughout your website, help guide social media, and leverage marketing campaigns. All the while focusing on you and your core brand and purpose.



I want to know what you daydream about. What projects make your heart skip a beat?  What is it you can’t wait to dive into head first? This is where we find your authentic self and how we can create a brand presence that feels like you. I don’t want to see your Pinterest board of everyone else’s branding inspo. I want us to work together to come up with the segments of your tale, shining your unique light on the world in images we create in our session.

Bright and animated brand photography of menstruation hygeine products and female entrepreneur.
Ampersand Grey Campaign Photography for Ice Cream Parlour

Ampersand - the symbol of togetherness

Ampersand Grey

Grey - In honour of my Dad, who gave me my first camera. Grey was his nickname. 


Telling stories through images is a team sport. I believe that we capture the best photos when you feel confident, relaxed, and you are having fun. Do you feel this way from the start? Probably not! I am here to help guide you.

Whether it’s a headshot you need or want to spend the day with me in your day-in-the-life session, I work in motion. I work fast, and don’t want you to feel stagnant in a stiff pose, as your face gets bored and your smile turns awkward. We’ll move around and keep things light! We’ll probably talk a bit about how weird hands become as soon as someone pulls out a camera, you might even laugh a bit, I’m kinda funny. I know you feel a bit awkward, I do too when I get my photo taken, but if you take a leap with me, and trust in the process, I promise we’ll come up with some awesome images-—when you trust me, and can let yourself be free, and that’s where the magic starts. 

My wedding experience makes me an ideal live event photographer. I’m ninja quick and can anticipate those shots that capture the vibe of the event. This form of editorial storytelling showcases who you are, captures how you work, and embodies your brand.

Wanna chat? 

Ampersand Grey Photography


Laughing woman upside down in brand photography session by Ampersand Grey.

branding photography

We’re gonna make photos that show you doing what you do best. We can do an on-location shoot in your downtown Edmonton office or let's dress up the Ampersand Grey studio to create a day in the life of your business. Let’s show the world why you love doing what you do.

Headshot of beautiful woman by Ampersand Grey

headshot photography

Scouring the internet for an Edmonton headshot photographer is a daunting task, I’m so glad you landed here! Your headshot is often that first impression before you actually meet someone in real life. We all need them. You might dread them–I feel you.. Let’s go out on an adventure, or hang out in your space where you make art. I can follow you anywhere you make your magic.

Woman talking at a lively corporate event photographed by Ampersand Grey

event photography

You planned your exclusive Edmonton brewery district event carefully—creating an atmosphere that makes your guests feeeeeel a certain way. It's my job to capture that emotion in images. I specialize in showing movement a&nd can promise your event will be photographed true to how it felt.

Brand Photography of two colleagues talking in a modern office photographed by Ampersand Grey

photography for startups

Innovation in Alberta is world class. The Alberta startup community needs a photographer who understands your brave and adventurous spirit. Let’s create branding photos that match your energy and showcase how creative you are.

Two women lacing up skates on a sunny day in Edmonton, Alberta photographed by Ampersand Grey.

marketing campaigns

Need a more complete package? Working with a magazine for an Alberta tourism inclusivity campaign? Tap into the years of experience I have as a creative director, graphic designer, and brand photographer. Lets come up with the best creative brief & marketing strategy for your campaign.. 



I am an award winning photographer with over a decade of experience in commercial photography, editorial photography and portraits, documentary photography, and of course creating content for social media. I thrive in a fast paced environment in order to build the perfect images for your conference or event. I am known for eliciting small amounts of wizardry to make interesting headshots and studio portraits that sing who you are. 

Ampersand Grey is based out of Edmonton Alberta but my mobile lifestyle takes me across Canada, the US and overseas. If you ask me, summers are best spent rock climbing on The Chief in Squamish British Columbia. I believe love is love and I am an ally to gay, lesbian, transgender and all LGBTQAI2S+ folks.

Wanna chat about it?

Bright and energized brand photography by Ampersand Grey

I hired Michel for my day-in-the-life session to add content for my website. Working with her was easy and fun. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be natural with her there but after a few moments she not only made me feel relaxed, she was able to bring out more of me than I expected to see in the photos. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone needing specialized, natural customized images for any branding collateral.


Voice and Public Speaking Coach


Two brides in wedding dresses spinning and laughing in front of the Edmonton downtown skyline.
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